♾️Perpetual Minting


The concept of a perpetual mint is a new innovation within the NFT landscape. The perpetual mint is made possible by the $SYN token and its burning that occurs upon the minting of each NFT.

The $SYN token has a max supply of 100,000 and the NFT supply is 10,000. With each NFT. costing 10 $SYN. For every NFT to be minted the entirety of the $SYN supply will have to be bought and then burnt. Given the fungibility of tokens if a single wallet has 0.000001 $SYN in their wallet then a max mint of the Galactic Syndicate is not possible.


This experimental way of launching an NFT opens up a new dynamic for NFTs and trading. Users that hold 10 $SYN tokens can mint a Galactic Syndicate at any time. In theory 10 $SYN should match the floor price of the collection.

Increased rewards for NFT stakers. As the collection will potentially never mint out it means the GraveDigger revenue and any other revenue streams used by the collection will be distributed to fewer NFTs, increasing the reward per NFT staked.

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